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Colette Pétonnet. Those people (book)

lundi 28 juillet 2014, par Eliane Daphy

Colette Pétonnet, 1973, Those People. The Subculture of a Housing Project (Ces gens-là), translated by Rita Smidt, Westport (Connecticut), Greenwood Press (Contribution in Sociology n°10 [1]), 293 p. Appendix, Bibliography, Index. ISBN 0837163935 [Foweward to the Translation by William Foote Whyte [2], Préface by Roger Bastide, ed. or. 1968, Ces gens-là, Paris, Maspéro] [3]

Here… the book’s cover in pdf… Sorry, only the same little pictures you can see on this webpage, not the full text
PDF - 3 Mo


Here… Foweward to the Translation by William Foote Whyte
PDF - 215.5 ko

[1Series Editor Don Martindale.

[2Author of Street Corner Society.

[3Pictures from my private specimen. Book no available in french libraries or in Laboratoire d’anthropologie urbaine’ documentation. To french speaking people : cet ouvrage n’est pas consultable en bibliothèque universitaire, ni dans le fonds de documentation du LAU.